general questions

A conventional plot-and-plan sale means that a buyer purchases a plot, enters into a building contract with a builder, and then both are summited to the bank for finance. Once finance is approved, the plot enters the transfer process.

From contract signature to plot transfer with a cash deal, 4 – 6 weeks. Should a deal involve a mortgage bond, just add another 2 weeks. 

It will depend on the size of the house-build, and whether it is a single or two story. 

Typically, a small to medium size house will take 3 – 4 months, and one should plan for a 6 month duration for larger houses. Please contact us for more accurate details.

No problem – we have an excellent relationship with all major banks, and our super helpful originator is at hand to take you through every step of the process.

Give us a call on (+27) 079 939 8685, also WhatsApp, or (+27) 041 372 5405 and we’ll arrange a no obligation consultation for you. 


other questions

Levy is presently fixed at R1,952.48 (R1,924 + R28.48)

  • Estate maintenance
  • Machinery maintenance & repair
  • Estate vehicles and fuel
  • Common property insurances
  • Refuse removal
  • 24 Hour Security
  • Security salaries
  • Labour salaries
  • Estate manager
  • Environmental management
  • HOA administration costs
  • Estate insurance
  • Common utilities
  • Golf Data levy